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DNA Monthly (Vol. 7, No. 2)

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February 2011 (Vol. 7, No. 2)

Breaking News: DNA Molecules Can "Teleport," Nobel Winner Says

“A Nobel Prize winning biologist has ignited controversy after publishing details of an experiment in which a fragment of DNA appeared to ‘teleport’ or imprint itself between test tubes.”

According to the findings of a research team directed by Luc Montagnier, “two test tubes, one of which contained a tiny piece of bacterial DNA, the other pure water, were surrounded by a weak electromagnetic field.”

Approximately eighteen hours having elapsed, after “DNA amplification using a polymerase chain reaction, as if by magic the DNA was detectable in the test tube containing pure water.”

This occurrence “might be very loosely described as ‘teleportation’ except that the bases project or imprint themselves across space rather than simply moving from one place to another.”

SOURCE: John E. Dunn, www.techworld.com


1.The Third Choice: Harmonic Evolution,” by Richard Merrick

2.2011: A Year of Massive, Visible Changes,” by Ron Van Dyke

3.What Is Conscious Personal Mastery?,” by Sol Luckman

Also ... Did You Know?

1. The Third Choice: Harmonic Evolution

Richard Merrick

To find our deepest connection to nature, we need look no further than the geometry of the human body. It is at the apex of creation, reflecting the beauty of the cosmos and embodying the order of its physics.

Yet in spite of this self-evident truth, we still have very little understanding about why our bodies are shaped the way they are and how that might be connected with the evolution of human consciousness and society.

The contemporary Darwinian view from the fields of biology and anthropology holds that the appearance of life on Earth was driven by chance from the molecular level up, then adapted over time to survive better in a hostile environment.

Indeed, the theory of evolution depends exclusively on natural selection and “survival of the fittest” (with the occasional random mutation) to explain the shapes of the tiniest plants and organisms up through the largest animal.

This theory is summed up with the oft-repeated phrase: “If we could somehow restart life on Earth (or another planet) from the beginning, it would probably turn out completely different.”

Counter to this is the belief in “creationism” or “intelligent design,” whose proponents claim life was created by divine intervention (perhaps only a few thousand years ago) without need of any organic process on Earth.

Considered by most scientists to be a blatant disregard or misreading of the archeological evidence to serve religious purposes, its popularity reveals a deep-seated desire by many to find meaning and purpose in a seemingly random universe.

Harmonic Evolution

As things stand today, evolution and intelligent design are the only explanations we have for life on Earth.

Without a better explanation, most of us choose Darwin
’s theory as is, defending it without question in spite of the fact that it cannot tell us, for instance, why we have five fingers instead of six or a wavelike spine rather than a straight one.

Everyone knows instinctively that something is missing in evolutionary theory to answer such questions, but what could it be?

Rethinking Evolution

Consider the possibility of a third choice—one compatible with evolution, but leaving the door open for a spiritual connection. What if there is a less obvious but universal property in nature that physically guides evolution from somewhere beneath the environmental process of natural selection to carve the basic shapes of life?

As radical as this may sound to modern ears, there are a number of good reasons why this may be the case. Common sense alone would tell us that for natural selection to be the only explanation for why life appears as it does, the fossil record should have many times the variations found.

For instance, since eight legs work so well for a spider, shouldn’t we find fossils of higher organisms with eight legs capable of outrunning, outmaneuvering and even out-boxing their four-legged predators?

Or how about only three legs, which might have enabled a more efficient cardiovascular system?

Where are all the animal fossils with entirely different appendages, rearranged internal organs, extra joints that offer greater flexibility, or even eyes in the back of their heads? Wouldn’t some of these have been more survivable than animals today?

Yet for some unexplained reason, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and even dinosaurs all ended up with the same basic skeletal structure consisting of a wavelike spine, cardioid-shaped rib cage, single head, and four limbs.

While natural selection does imbue each of these creatures with a particular anatomical variation, or morphology, this basic five-fold archetype was the one and only internal skeletal template that emerged as life evolved in and out of the sea.

Similarly, insects are a morphological adaptation of a single three-fold exoskeleton template comprising a head, thorax, and abdomen. These too appear to have occurred during the transition to land and air from simpler sea creatures.

As for invertebrates like jellyfish all the way down to bacteria and viruses, all are a morphology of simple periodic geometries such as spheres, rings, toruses, tubes, helixes, stars, and even icosahedrons.

Plants and fungi are much the same, branching as groups of about sixty-two percent and thirty-eight percent into the extruded regular geometries of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

But for natural selection to favor survivability, shouldn’t we expect to see fossils of plants that once branched randomly (or equally) or land animals with much more diverse features?

Shouldn’t the animals alive today have descended from more efficient and fiercely competitive anatomical archetypes?

The fact is there is nothing in the theory of evolution and the fossil record that can explain any of this any more than it can explain why leaves are not square or why fruit is not in the form of, say, randomized irregular blobs.

So what else could be at work to guide the evolution of life?

Atomic Resonance & Damping

All life on Earth is composed mostly of carbon-12 and water. This is the case because carbon-12 bonds or resonates with more simple elements than any other element in the universe. It is for this very reason that carbon-12 is the international standard for atomic weight and all other elements are measured against it.

With six protons and six neutrons in its nucleus and six electrons orbiting in two shells, carbon-12 exhibits the lowest possible energy of all the elements and is said to be “unbound,” thereby creating the most stable atomic geometry possible. When mixed with water, carbon-12 creates endless chains of sticky amino acids capable of crystallizing into life.

This idea of life as a crystallization process is a good one because just as minerals align under pressure into lattices, coils of amino acids fold into three-dimensional protein structures and align into the familiar helical lattice of DNA. It is the geometric bonding pressure of hydrogen atoms in water that helps create the lattice and give DNA its twist.

In recent molecular studies of water, biochemist Martin Chaplin found that water organizes itself naturally into a lattice of icosahedral clusters, just as Greek philosopher Plato suggested more than two millennia ago. Water really does resemble the twelve-pointed, twenty-faceted geometry of an icosahedron.

The water lattice begins as four-fold tetrahedral units of fourteen water molecules, each aligning into twenty icosahedral clusters of two hundred and eighty molecules.

This structure then assumes a variety of stable geometric sub-structures, such as its complementary opposite, the dodecahedron, which form into larger “superclusters.” At this mesoscopic scale of water, molecules arrange themselves into a two-dimensional connectivity map of a regular five-fold pentagon.


But water is only half of the equation of life. While it never made the news, another recent study found that the first step of enclosure needed for a single cell to live is actually a geometrical folding of carbon molecules.

A 2006 publication of the American Chemical Society entitled “An Improbable, Egg-Shaped Endohedral Fullerene that Violates the Isolated Pentagon Rule” reported that a large Fullerine carbon-84 allotrope constructed its own egglike cage when two adjacent pentagons in the carbon molecule became fused together in a reaction with terbium.

Discovered by a combined team from the University of California, Virginia Polytechnic and Emory and Henry College, this was the first indication that the regular soccer ball geometry of hexagons and pentagons in a large carbon Fullerine could wrap itself into an egglike cage by reacting with another atom, thereby producing a uniquely organic geometry known as a quasi-crystal.

This discovery could answer a lot of questions. For one thing, it tells us that it was probably the egg that came before the chicken.

Seriously! This is how amino acids could have “learned” to form cells around themselves and even offers a reasonable explanation for why ribcages form around vital organs in all vertebrate animals. It also shows how the harmonic balance between pentagonal and hexagonal molecular geometry could self-organize into life.

In each of these studies, we can begin to see how evolution is guided by geometric harmonies at the mesoscopic scale of carbon-water bonding. The five-fold damping geometry of water fuses with the resonant twelve-fold geometry of carbon-12 atoms, growing into living harmonic crystals out of inanimate matter. Music harmony works the same way.

Musical scales usually divide a circular octave into twelve steps called semi-tones. This twelve-step octave is then divided into two scale groupings: one seven-tone major or minor scale and a remaining five-tone pentatonic scale. This is found on a piano keyboard as seven white keys comprising a C major (or A minor) scale and five black keys of an F# pentatonic scale.

When applied to the human body, life can be described in musical terms as a repeating carbon-12 octave resonating against the pentatonic damping geometry of water which creates the twisting seven-step “diatonic” framework of our body.

It is no coincidence that the musical term “diatonic” literally means “through the body” and that the ancient Hindu chakra system indicates seven locations in the body. This is really a very old idea.

The theory that life grows as kind of musical geometry has provenance with Pythagoras at least 2,500 years ago. Known as musica universalis (or in the body as musica humana), it was the ancient world’s Theory of Everything.

Greek philosophers personified musical forces in nature as gods and goddesses, such as the god of music Apollo and the counterbalancing goddesses Harmonia and Eris (Roman Concordia and Discordia).

Discarded long ago by Western science and abandoned in our schools, we are now finding solid evidence to support the idea that musica universalis could well be true. Life really does appear to be the result of some kind of musica atomica bubbling up from infinity.

From the perspective of atomic resonance, Darwinian evolution can be seen as a veneer of adaptation that depends on a preexisting and universal harmonic system intrinsic to all nature.

Simple life resonates into uni-body and three-fold carbon-12 shapes while more complex forms succumb to the five-fold damping effect of water, branching out at approximated golden sections into pentagonal clusters, such as roses, starfish, and human anatomy.

As the most resonant life form of all, we humans exist at the razor’s edge of atomic harmony, perfectly balanced by nature to achieve consciousness and ponder our own existence.

Perhaps it is time we update Darwin’s theory of evolution to include atomic resonance acting in concert with natural selection. And maybe the first goal for this new theory of harmonic evolution should be to explain how 12:5 atomic geometry came to be preserved in the genetic code.

The Hidden Geometry in DNA

A recent paper by physician and independent researcher Mark White entitled “The G-ball, a New Icon for Codon Symmetry and the Genetic Code” proposed that the codon table of the genetic code follows the shape of a 12:5 dodecahedron or 20:12 icosahedron.

Since there are exactly four nucleotides in DNA that combine in sequences of three to produce sixty-four codons, White suggested that the genetic code organizes itself into the shape of tetrahedrons, which then combine into the shape of a spherical dodecahedron or icosahedron—exactly like clusters of water molecules.

Following the equilateral genetic structure predicted by Russian physicist and cosmologist George Gamow, White explains how the twenty edges of a dodecahedron (or twenty triangular faces of its dual icosahedron) can be used to represent the twenty standard amino acids in DNA. The amino acids are then assigned locations in the geometry according to their water affinity (how much they like or dislike water).


From this, protein bonds into sequences of amino acid tetrahedrons, forming into a dodecahedron that is then twisted by hydrogen around a fixed polar backbone into the ten-step spatial symmetry of the DNA double helix.

Another study by Chi Ming Yang at Nankai University in China claims to have also found a quasi-periodic egg geometry in the human genetic code that parallels Mark White’s G-ball model.

Derived from the same building blocks of twenty standard amino acids and sixty-four tri-nucleotide codons in DNA, Yang found a cooperative vector-in-space addition principle that stretches into an ellipsoid or egglike shape called an icosikaioctagon.

Not surprisingly, this geometry was determined to have originated as five “stereochemical” growth stages over a period of millions of years.

DNA as an Egg

When we combine Yangs geometric model with White’s G-ball model, we have the universal archetype for all life: a five-fold “egg” with a twelve-fold “yolk” inside.

Through the harmonic physics of atomic resonance and damping, nature has engineered DNA with its own eggshell container to protect the geometric evolution of life over time.

While the idea that DNA is encoded geometrically as an egg is surprising, this knowledge appears to date back even before Pythagoras. As a symbol of balance in life, early philosophers seem to have understood it as an instance of the golden mean—cubed in its length and doubled in its width—derived from the square root of 5 in a pentagram.

As an example, Aesop’s fable, “The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs,” based on a much older Egyptian story, probably has more to do with how life grows harmonically inside a golden proportioned egg than it does the precious metal.

In an ancient worldview based on the physics of music, the five-fold pentatonic eggshell could have been seen as a container for a twelve-fold octave yolk, therein producing the seven-fold diatonic balance of life.

But even with growing evidence for harmonic structures in DNA and all life, one last puzzle must be solved to fully understand how atomic resonance guides evolution.

In particular, how do carbon and water atoms “know how” to arrange themselves into larger and larger harmonic structures?

And while resonance in amino acids appears to start the crystallization process at the mesoscopic level of life, what can we say causes this to continue outward into the macro structures of highly evolved organisms?

Space as a Cymatic “Egg” Container

It is a well-known fact that sound will produce regular geometric patterns when particles of powder are vibrated on plates or inside liquid containers.

Developers of the field known as cymatics (from the Greek word for “wave”), researchers such as Ernst Chladni in the 18th Century and Hans Jenny in the 20th Century have shown how harmonic waves reflect inside containers to form circles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and other more elaborate mandala-like patterns.

These patterns are produced by stable standing waves reflecting inside a container, automatically forming additional harmonic waves that interfere geometrically.

It is really the harmonics that “know how” to create cymatic geometry by simply crossing one another at whole number proportions. The same thing appears to happen between atoms and in DNA as harmonics guide the formation of life—the only difference being that space itself acts as the “golden egg” container.

According to quantum theory, space is not actually an empty void, but instead a very fine cubic lattice of tiny vortices, often described as a Schwarzschild lattice. Usually modeled as a recursive multi-dimensional Hilbert space, atoms always center around one of these spiraling vortices inside a cube.

Since atoms can only exist inside one of these cubes at a time, all material objects—from planets to people—must blink on and off in tiny “quantum steps” as they move through space.

Light and other electromagnetic energy also blinks on and off, but is able to flow freely as alternating currents between these cubes in the lattice by spinning off the edges (or “event horizons”) of the atomic vortices. This explains how X-rays and cosmic rays are able to pass right through solid objects.

When we consider carbon and water atoms resonating together inside the container of the quantum Schwarzschild lattice (pressurized into spherical bubbles by gravity), the atoms and molecules in living tissue would naturally entrain and resonate together into larger and larger cymatic patterns, exactly like powder vibrated inside a spherical container of water.

For life, it is the cubic structure of space and the pressure of its gravitational “egg” that have the “know-how” to arrange vast numbers of harmonically resonating molecules into life-size crystalline structures.

In the human body, resonating atoms, molecules and cells have little choice but to “intelligently” self-organize into the twenty-four vertebrae of our spinal column that ripples outward with less and less energy to the tips of our ten fingers and ten toes.

Here again, we find the body described as a (24/10)/2, or 12:5, carbon-water crystal resonating into the cymatic container of the quantum lattice. It is not a matter of metaphysics to say that life is frozen musical light formed by spherical harmonics in a structured space.

But life is not the only thing shaped by resonance and damping in the framework of space. Harmonic physics was at work millions of years ago in our solar system to create an egglike environment within which life could begin evolving in the first place.

As our solar system formed out of a cloud of swirling plasma, the same pressure differential and gravity bubble guiding harmonic evolution on Earth can also be used to describe the evolution of the planets.

Stabilizing into a golden spiral around a central axis, twelve calm rings began to form out of interfering waves of hot plasma as they bounced back and forth from the Sun to the “eggshell” of the outermost Kuiper asteroid belt.

With the Sun rotating around itself in the center of our solar system, the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, asteroid belt of Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris each resonated into position like an enormous solar keyboard.

Spaced by spherical harmonic plasma waves resonating inside the gravity bubble of space, they settled at near quarter turns on the Sun’s spiraling arms, still remaining today as the heliospheric current sheet.

Music of the Spheres

Like a resonating plate of swirling plasma inside the nurturing egg of space, the planets had no choice but to resonate into concentric golden orbits according to the same 12:5 cymatic geometries found in the human body. Harmonics creates the same patterns in all things.

With this we must finally admit that the evolution of life was not only guided harmonically from the inside-out, but also from the outside-in.

The outside-in resonance of our solar system set the stage on Earth for the inside-out atomic resonance of carbon-12, meeting in the middle waters of Earth to create the perfect balance needed for life and consciousness to evolve.

Coherent standing waves, defined mathematically by the Schrödinger wave function and harmonic oscillator of quantum mechanics, have been working at every scale of nature since the beginning of time to guide the geometric crystallization of energy into matter—large and small, inanimate and animate.

Harmonically Guided Social Evolution

As life slowly resonated into the reflective self-awareness of consciousness, human society also began to evolve into coherent, purposeful civilizations.

Guiding this social evolution was the ancient wisdom of harmonic science and philosophy, translated into the mythological gods that brought purpose and order to people’s lives. As a grand scientific musical Theory of Everything, this was the golden age of musica universalis.

But in modern times, this musical theory of everything has totally disappeared. The harmonic models of nature no longer guide our understanding of how things came to be as they are.

Instead, natural selection and divine intervention are the only reasons we are given to explain the magnificent order and beauty we see around us. We live in a world now guided by theories of creation and life that completely ignore the central role harmonic physics plays in all things.

If mankind is to survive, the truth of harmonic evolution must one day be rediscovered and accepted. When it is, the walls between biology, anthropology, psychology, acoustics, quantum physics and all other fields of science will come crumbling down like the Berlin Wall.

Life will be seen as part of a whole and harmonically unified universe, falling under the purview of quantum physics. The quantum effects of subatomic harmonic systems will then become the driving force behind all biological and medical research, leading to any number of unimaginable scientific advancements.

As society’s thinking shifts, Western religion will change too, transforming into temples of natural learning. The Gnostic study of sacred geometry and musical proportions will once again infuse our culture with respect and appreciation for nature.

Everyone from the staunchest atheist to the most dogmatic fundamentalist will no longer struggle to deny the truth of a coherent musical universe.

Today’s conventional wisdom that “restarting life on Earth (or another planet) would turn out completely different” would be replaced by the deeper understanding that 12:5 geometry is as much a universal constant as the circular resonance of Pi or the square damping of Phi—woven into the very fabric of space itself.

Nature’s Harmonic Progression

With the acceptance of universal harmonic laws, we will be certain that life is also evolving in other harmonically balanced solar systems and that it cannot be too much different from our own.

We will finally understand the cosmos as the purpose-driven incubator for life that it really is.

In a world once more described by musica universalis, an empathy and deep appreciation for all life will take root, guiding us to peaceful coexistence through the inevitable next step in nature’s harmonic progression: human spiritual evolution.

Copyright © 2011 by
Richard Merrick. All Rights Reserved.

[Richard Merrick is an independent researcher on the history, theory and applications of harmonic science. To learn more, visit www.InterferenceTheory.com.]

2. 2011: A Year of Massive, Visible Changes

Ron Van Dyke

For those who think 2010 was a significant year of change, hang on! Before 2011 is over, we will look back at 2010 and think we were standing still.

Many will rightly ask, “On what do you base this prediction?”

According to the best interpretation of Mayan Calendar information, the entire ninth step in the evolution of consciousness will take place in 260 days: basically, from March through October 2011.

Unlike most Mayan calendar teachers, Dr. Carl Calleman does not buy into the December 21, 2012 theories. He studied the information as a scientist, and came to a different conclusion, with October 28, 2011 being the completion date. Many other teachers who have looked at his information are in agreement. I am one of those, purely on the basis of resonance.

Each of the nine steps in the evolution of consciousness has a theme. The theme for the eighth step that we are just completing is that ethics and integrity will overtake the lust for power and greed.

I think it’s fair to say that we have witnessed many examples that capture even mainstream attention in regard to the financial system of the world, a system rife with fraud and corruption.

Once something becomes known, it can never again be stuffed back into the box. What is revealed is revealed; and the lies will no longer work.

This is not to say that there are no longer any people who believe the lies. Many are so set in their ways that they would not recognize the truth if you beat them over the head with it. Their disillusionment will continue in 2011; at least until … We’ll get to that soon.

The theme for 2011 is conscious co-creation. Together, we will be creating an entirely new system based on the paradigm of openness and transparency. It is also a paradigm of unity.

Unity is difficult to imagine when you look at the world around us. Opinions are as diverse as the multitude of perspectives from which we view reality. How can we possibly attain unity within such a diverse field of experience and observation?

There have always been unseen energies that impinge upon our visible reality. Many world religions have referred to these energies as angels. In more modern vernacular, these are referred to as extraterrestrials, or ETs.

Those who look at the evidence, going way back in human history, come to the conclusion that there are many ancient records of Earth being visited by beings from the sky. Many cultures referred to these visitors as gods.

Open-minded scientists and researchers in today’s world recognize an exponential increase in the activity of beings from other dimensions that are involved in events happening now on planet Earth.

Yes, there has been a strong desire to keep this information from the public on behalf of the powers that be—the proverbial Man behind the Curtain. Many nations, however, have already released their UFO files to the public. The United States still has not followed suit, with its leaders grasping with great determination to prevent widespread disclosure from occurring. What are they afraid of?

The truth is, our history, as we have been told it, is a lie. From the very foundations of world religions to the structures of modern governments, the truth has not been told. Irrefutable evidence and revelation of facts will transform everything.

Perhaps that will be the big change in 2011. Disclosure, not only of the fact that we are not alone in the universe, but more importantly the reality of the deep involvement of ETs throughout our history, will shift the paradigm of reality virtually overnight.

Faced with undeniable proof, mankind will have little choice but to see the world with new eyes. It will be the overwhelming display, often referred to as first contact, of ET presence that will create unity very quickly.

Not everyone is ready to buy into this; nevertheless, the critical mass has already been exceeded. What is the critical mass? Scientists tell us it is the square root of one percent of the world
s population. Rounded off to the nearest thousand, that would be just over 8,000 people.

Apparently, that’s all it takes to shift the entire human race. From a biblical perspective, perhaps we’re talking about the 144,000, that enigmatic number that brings the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. In truth, I think even that number has been exceeded.

Whatever the number, we have crossed the threshold of the point of no return. The Word has been made flesh, and the manifestation of the Golden Age is here now, unfolding day by day.

As a seer, I can sense the struggle taking place right now in the human population. I know how hard it is for people of many faiths to even consider the possibility that some of their precious doctrines may be in error. Nevertheless, incongruent beliefs will, of necessity, fall apart.

So much that has been built into our belief systems has been included for a specific purpose: to disempower the average person and keep him or her subservient to the control of those who would be masters.

The big lie has been easy to sell, since it coincides so well with our physical observation. That lie is separation. I look at my body; then I look at yours. Obviously, we are not one. I am me; and you are you. And every other person is also separate from you and me.

However, this paradigm presupposes that only that which is visible is real. Modern mystics, called quantum physicists, have demonstrated scientifically that the world we see is only a small fraction of the world that exists. In other words, reality is mostly invisible to us.

That which we have been unable—and in many cases, unwilling—to see is going to be made abundantly clear to everyone as the invisible becomes more obvious. Can you see, or at least begin to see, how quickly this revelation will shift everything?

It will be as if higher compartments of our minds are suddenly opened, revealing our blind spots. Most of us will say to ourselves: “Why couldn’t I see this before? It’s so obvious!”

The hidden treasure within each of us will soon be revealed to all except the most hardhearted and stubborn individuals. That treasure is what world religions have always pointed to. It is the Christ, or the Divine within each of us.

Can you begin to imagine what we will be able to create together, knowing that the God Spirit is in everyone; and it has never had anything to do with one’s religion?

Whether you can imagine it yet or not, this is what will happen, or at least begin to happen, on a large scale in 2011. This is why 2011 will make 2010 look as if it wasn’t going anywhere; yet, in truth, each step in the evolution of consciousness builds for the next step. Everything that ever has been, has been building to a grand climax of ecstatic revelation: the revelation of Christ as ALL and IN ALL.

The promises of God are: Yes … and Amen (so be it). The Creator has always had a purpose for Creation. That purpose has not always been easy to determine, and even more difficult to see.

As the plan has unfolded, most of us have only been able to see the chaos. Conflict has seemed to rule the day; and making sense of the whole thing has been nearly impossible.

Yet, those who have been able to see from the other side have always told us that there was meaning. These were able to see, if only in glimpses, that a grand plan was underway.

We’ve called them prophets or shamans; and each of them with an honest heart always told what they felt, saw or heard. They have spoken in every culture and in every age. They were the Voice of God, inspired to speak to their generation.

I’m not about to tell you that any of them were perfect—far from it. They were men and women, just like you and me, who had to deal with all of the perplexities of their individual lives and still make sense of their dreams and visions that often contradicted what they saw in the physical world. These are those that have held the dream alive within the human family.

As the Spirit of the Living God brings these gifted men and women together, a new world will be born. These are the co-creators responsible for the time in which we live; for we are the ones that have searched for a city that has foundations, whose builder and maker is God. We are the ones who have often been despised and rejected of men.

Yet, in a very real sense, we are only eyes in the body. We are important, yes, but we cannot do it alone. Everyone must find his or her part in this Body of Humanity that is being transformed, day by day, in ways that will manifest more clearly in 2011.

We are talking about a new humanity here. That which was impossible before soon will be possible again. We’re about to see the Son of God with new eyes; and as I look at this beautiful creature made without hands, my eyes fill with tears.

The whole cosmos marvels at the magnificence of the Word Made Flesh, multiplied to infinity—a multitude that no man can number (or at least count). To me, this is the real meaning of the second coming of Christ. And all the world shall see Him, and be like Him.

Let each with eyes to see and a heart to love rejoice. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. 2011 is our year. “Behold, I make all things new!” says the Lord Most High. Namaste.

Copyright © 2011 by Ron Van Dyke. All Rights Reserved.

[Ron Van Dyke is an author and poet, having written numerous articles, poems, and books, including his 1985 novel, Heretics, Harlots, and Other Saints, and a collection of prose and poetry, Living Gods Are Hard to Find. From 1996 to 2001, he published sixty issues of Paradox Magazine, “a catalyst for growing people." In 1998 he began Metagroups Community Calendar that includes the Paradox Online/Food for Thought section. In 2005 he founded the Dr. Mary Horgan Center for Spiritual Development and hosts meetings there every Wednesday. He also serves on the board of The New Way POD, a non-traditional spiritual community. In 2006 Conscious Living Partnership presented him with the Heart of the Community award. Visit Rons website at www.metagroups.info.]

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3. What Is Conscious Personal Mastery?

Sol Luckman

[The following article is adapted from the author’s newest book, Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method.]

Over the course of my latest book, Potentiate Your DNA, various statements related to the vitally important subject of conscious personal mastery are made.

To recap this in-depth discussion, conscious personal mastery is said to:

Download sample chapters or order your copy today at [url=http://www.potentiateyourdna.com/start-here/home]www.PotentiateYourDNA.com[/url].1. Often utilize initiation as a catalyst for an internal experience teaching love (for self and others) and imparting compassion and wisdom as preconditions for healing and transformation;

2. Involve a student-teacher relationship with our Higher Self, complete with tough love designed to foster our spiritual development;

3. Require us to understand our own past dysfunctional creations—even to the extent of using detoxification to feel the energies of these old creations as they release—in order to create healthier, more functional situations for ourselves;

4. Transpose the roles of our Higher Self and ego, without submerging or destroying the latter, such that the ego relinquishes its attempts to control our lives and comes to serve the spiritual purpose of the Higher Self;

5. Seal the problematic “ener-genetic” disruption known as the Fragmentary Body so as to replace our sense of isolated individuality and related victim consciousness with individuation leading to reunification with the Creator and embodiment of unity consciousness;

6. Teach us to forgive and love ourselves despite our imperfections—and just as critically, to extend forgiveness and love to others who also are imperfect;

7. Require us to trust our ability and intuition even when we lack intellectual certainty; and

8. Encourage us, via the healing process, to accept ourselves and others unconditionally and, moreover, to see others as ourselves.

In light of the characteristics just summarized, my definition of conscious personal mastery from Book One on the Regenetics Method, Conscious Healing, as “unconditional love of oneself as simultaneously the Creator and the created extended outward to all perceived others” should not seem particularly esoteric or farfetched.

With no exceptions, to pursue conscious personal mastery in our own way is why we are here in the first place.

Without conscious personal mastery providing a spiritual context for our bio-spiritual healing and transformation, healing and transformation are merely empty words divorced from any comprehension of why we even should desire such things.

The second we grasp that healing and transformation are integral aspects of a spiritual journey of conscious evolution, we can start to make use of this process—for the benefit of ourselves as well as others.

Conscious personal mastery of necessity begins with the self. There is nothing selfish about this fact. Quite simply, we cannot expect to create a better world if we cannot first heal and transform ourselves.

Logically, if we are to offer food to others who hunger, we first must feed ourselves. “Any other way,” in the words of Joachim-Ernst Berendt, “would be absurd.”

When we have recovered our strength, we can use it to assist others in finding their own inner fortitude. In reality, we cannot do this for them. As in the parable, rather than giving a fish, we teach the art of fishing. This is done by example.

In terms of conscious personal mastery, learning to fish starts with learning to connect with the Higher Self. At some point, it is accurate to say, on our evolutionary journey of reunification with the Creator, we become our Higher Self.

But in the initial stages of conscious personal mastery, just learning to listen to—and follow the guidance of—this spiritual aspect of our consciousness on a consistent basis is enough to keep us occupied.

As we engage our authentic spiritual purpose more and more, it is only natural that our own healing and transformation will begin to manifest in the people and circumstances around us.

Such is the case because, ultimately, conscious personal mastery reveals that we are inseparable from the people and circumstances around us.

Thus in a deceptively simple, absolutely effective way, our own progress in conscious personal mastery assists with the progressive healing and transformation of the world.

Copyright © 2011 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

[Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous books include the international bestselling Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method and the newly released Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing and Transformation with the Regenetics Method. For information on the “revolutionary healing science” (Nexus) of the Regenetics Method, check out www.PhoenixRegenetics.org. View Sol’s paintings and learn more about his work at www.CrowRising.com.]


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